What We Stand For

Hammonton First is the longest running, most successful, local independent party in America. Founded in 2005, the group brings together Democrats, Republicans, Independents and those that have never been involved with politics before. We’re for the people, not the politics.

We stand for...

Positive Campaigns

Hammonton First has never run a negative ad, letter, press release, commercial or mailer since it was founded in 2005.

Healthy Debate

Hammonton First believes in public discussion. We regularly call for and participate in debates. Our group meetings and events also include a question and answer session.

Open Government

Hammonton First took the "backroom" and brought it out into the "front room." All meetings and events are always open to the public.

New Ideas

Hammonton First has been open to new ideas from day one, and always will be. We embrace innovative concepts, whether it is the arts, green initiatives, a new senior center, bringing a college to town, forward-thinking recreational projects, a town-wide bike and fitness trail, or a dog park.

Community Pride

Hammonton First put the "Unity" back into the "Community." Bringing together the old and young, new residents and those who have lived here for generations.

History of Hammonton First

In the winter of 2005, a group of energized, committed residents of Hammonton came together to help the town. They were from diverse backgrounds and political allegiances, united under a common goal: to serve the people of Hammonton.

The group first met in John DiDonato’s office and was founded by: Dan Chiofalo, Rock Colasurdo, John DiDonato, Jim Donio, Brian Howell, Esq., Christine Massarelli, Bill Olivo, Tracy Petrongolo, Sam Rodio, Dr. Leonard Streitfeld and Ed Wuillermin.

Independents, Republicans, Democrats, and others who freely admitted they had never been involved with politics at, all joined forces in returning local government to the people. The organization quickly grew to 30, then 100, then hundreds and now thousands.

The founders of the group ranged in age from their 20s to their 80s, coming together across the generations to restore hope, faith, and trust in local government in the face of a string of decisions by the Hammonton Town Council that seemed to put politics first, instead of the interests of the people of Hammonton.

In November of 2005, Hammonton First made history and swept the election. John DiDonato was elected to a four-year term as Mayor of the Town of Hammonton. Rock Colasurdo, Christine Massarelli and Ed Wuillermin were elected to Town Council for two-year terms. The Hammonton First Candidates received an overwhelming majority of the votes in the election. In the three party race, more than 50% of the voters selected Hammonton First over the local Democratic and Republican Candidates.

In 2007, Ed Wuillermin announced that he would be running for re-election, along with his running mates, Tracy Petrongolo and Jerry Barberio and all 3 Hammonton First Candidates again swept the election.

In 2008, Sam Rodio and Jeanne Lewis were elected to Town Council, giving Hammonton First a 6-to-1 majority on Town Council.

In 2009, Hammonton First again swept the election! Steve DiDonato was elected Mayor, Jerry Barberio was re-elected to Town Council, along with Tom Gribbin and Mickey Pullia.

In 2010, Sam Rodio was re-elected to Town Council and Paul Esposito won a seat on Council as well.

In 2011, Mickey Pullia was re-elected to Town Council.

In 2012, Hammonton First swept the election again. Sam Rodio and Paul Esposito won re-election to Town Council and they were joined by first time candidate, Dan Bachalis.

In 2013, Mayor Steve DiDonato was re-elected to another 4 year term. Tom Gribbin and Ed Wuillermin also won and returned to Town Council.

In 2014, Sam Rodio was re-elected to Town Council.

In 2015, Deputy Mayor Tom Gribbin was re-elected to office.

In 2016, Sam Rodio was re-elected to office.

In 2017, Mayor Steve DiDonato won an unprecedented third term, Deputy Mayor Tom Gribbin was re-elected to office and Councilwoman Brooke Sacco won her first election to Town Council.

In 2018, Sam Rodio was re-elected.

In 2019, Deputy Mayor Tom Gribbin was re-elected to office and Jonathan Oliva was elected to Town Council.

In 2020, Sam Rodio, Steve Furgione and Bill Olivo were elected to Town Council.

In 2021 Mayor Steve DiDonato and all three Hammonton First Town Council Candidates were re-elected: Deputy Mayor Tom Gribbin, Councilman Jonathan Oliva and Ed Wuillermin.

In 2022, Sam Rodio and Steve Furgione were re-elected to Town Council.

Let's make some more history on Election Day, November 7, 2023, and elect all three Hammonton First Town Council Candidates: Tom Gribbin, Jonathan Oliva, and Zack Brown!!

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